Our Snowdon Top 10

When I got the idea for this blog I didn’t realise that choosing just 10 images and memories from our Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa adventures would be so difficult!

We’ve shared some amazing adventures with thousands of inspirational people on Wales highest mountain, during the day and through the night.

Achievements and doubts,

laughter and tears,

stories of heartbreak

and moments of celebration.

From groups of friends looking for a new challenge, fundraisers supporting their favourite charity, to people smashing barriers to show others that there are no excuses…

‘anything is possible’.

Best view in the UK

Snowdon best views in UK

This actual view was voted best view in the UK by a Samsung poll in 2017 (BBC News).

This photo brings back memories of so many times on Snowdon. At least the times we’ve been lucky enough to see it!

Lots of Snowdon visitors will tell you that it is quite allusive at times, but not getting the view definitely doesn’t take away the satisfaction of the challenge.

It’s just a bonus.

The Snowdon Massif

Snowdon from Moel Siabod

The big chunk of rock on the right of the photo is the Snowdon massif. You can find out more about the Snowdon massif here.

This photo was taken from the summit of Moel Siabod. We’ve included it because it shows what a big beautiful piece of rock it is.

The summit at sunrise

Snowdon summit at sunrise

When we first moved to Snowdonia in 2014 an old school friend of mine who is a photographer said “amazing light over there”.

It’s true! No better way to see it than on Snowdonia’s highest peak at sunrise!

This photo shows the summit from Bwlch Glas with the finger stone showing the top of the Pyg and Miner’s track.

A welcome sight for our tired climbers.

Memories to last a lifetime

Snowdon Sunrise

Standing on the summit of Wales highest mountain is a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

This was one of our charity groups who were rewarded with the most amazing sunrise.

We’re not always quite so lucky but we do have a very good record for clear skies!

The trig point

When you reach the summit you have a few steps to go up to reach the trig point, but it’s got to be done!

Did you know the plaque on the top has a typo on it? Have a look for it next time you’re up there.

The perfect fundraising challenge

Top 5 team challenges

If we could have included a photo of every one of our charity fundraising groups we would have! (you can see more on our facebook page though).

We’ve included this one of the brilliant team from Halten Haven Hospice because look how happy they all are.

And also because they were lucky enough to get a cloud inversion too!

Guided by angels

Snowdon Sunrise Group

This photo was sent to us after our first Snowdon SunRaise with Reuben’s Retreat.

Being a charity that supports bereaved parents lots of those taking part told us that they really did feel like they were getting closer to their angels.

And with ‘signs’ like rainbows and ‘cloud angels’ appearing its hard not to believe that they were being supported all the way!

It was definitely one of the most emotional challenges we’ve had the privilege of being a part of.

Anything is possible

Snowdon Group Challenge

Independent travel consultant Nick specialises in and is passionate about accessible travel. To prove that everyone can have adventures Nick decided to take on Snowdon in his wheelchair with support from his team.

The whole team were such an inspiration, working together on one of the hottest days of the year and getting to the summit to a very well deserved round of applause from all other walkers on the track.

You can read more about Nick’s ‘Adapted Snowdon‘ challenge here.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

A very special photo taken when a special lady reached the summit with her family.

This lady had set herself a challenge a month after receiving a life-changing diagnosis and Snowdon was one of them.

To be able to share that with her was so inspiring and such a privilege and left a lasting impression on Stu.

She said “Climbing has become such a positive focus for how I’m living my life right now and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for your role in that”.

And once wasn’t enough… they came back later that year to do it at sunrise!

First of many

Please excuse my self-indulgence in squeezing this one in at the end!

This was my first time ever on the summit of Snowdon. It was December 2011, there was snow on the ground and we couldn’t see a thing until we got to about 900 metres. Then we broke through the clouds to a bright blue sky and a cloud inversion.

I cried!

This is one of the main events that led to me wanting to be able to help you share the same experiences.

We’re really looking forward to sharing your adventures with you again.

If you’d like to book your Snowdon adventure as a charity, a group or an individual, check out our Calendar or Contact us.

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