Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge Event  – Code of Conduct


Breese Adventures recognise the impact that organised challenge events can have on the local communities, land owners, the environment and the wider public in general. For our Welsh 3 Peaks challenge event we have created this specific document which forms part of our Operational Procedures. We have produced this in line with National park authorities guidelines and recommendations along with the official Countryside Code.

We want you to enjoy your challenge and are here to help you get the most out of your experience (hopefully for many of you raising £1000’s in the process) however we MUST respect the environment that we will be using to protect it for future generations.


UK Challenge events such as the National 3 Peaks, Yorkshire 3 Peaks and Welsh 3 Peaks are becoming ever more popular. Breese Adventures have a responsibility to run these events to the highest standards possible in line with the official guidelines. It is very important for all Breese Adventures staff (including sub contracted) and customers/participants to understand that we have to abide by certain rules when we run challenge events.

This code offers information and practical advice on how we will and you should, undertake this challenge event in a safe, responsible and sustainable way to protect the national parks that we will be using and travelling through.


Breese Adventures will ensure that all of the below is covered in our pre event planning:

  • Event Operational Procedures and Logistics – copy for Event Manager, Mountain Leader and transport company
  • Appropriate routes – copy for Event Manager and Mountain Leaders
  • Risk Assessments – copy for Event Manager and Mountain Leaders
  • Itinerary  – Will be sent out one week before the event. Whilst this is a 24-hour challenge, it is very important to say that we cannot compromise on our safety procedures, risk assessments and standards to make the 24-hour time limit if we start to fall behind on time. It is a group challenge therefore the group will complete each mountain together and the pace will therefore be managed accordingly for safety.
  • Group Size – One of the most important things that we do on our Welsh 3 Peaks challenge event is to limit the number of participants to 12 maximum. This means that we are a small contained group, using only a small minibus to transfer between mountains. Because we will have one Event Manager on the ground and 2 Mountain Leaders for 12 participants we can also split into 2 groups of 6.
  • Medical Information – To be collected prior to event
  • Safety and Environmental responsibilities – Countryside code to be followed at all times during the event
  • Kit and Equipment list – A full kit list is available on the event website and here
  • Pre Event Briefing and Kit Check – On the evening before the challenge the Event Manager will give a full briefing and kit check. Anyone found to not have the required kit (especially waterproof top and bottoms) will NOT be allowed to start the event.
  • Statement of Participation – All customers will have to sign the online statement of participation before the event.


  • Respect other people – Please respect the local community and other people using the outdoors. Remember your actions can affect people’s lives and livelihoods.
  • Protect the natural environment – Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
  • Enjoy the outdoors – Plan ahead and be prepared


Breese Adventures will endeavour to do a full post event evaluation each time it runs a Welsh 3 Peaks. All lessons learnt will be fed into all operational and logistical polices and procedures.

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