What’s the Catch?

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What’s the catch?

Is a question I get asked a lot when I talk to charities. This is usually their reaction when I tell them I can create a unique and exclusive fundraising event for them and it won’t cost them a penny..

So, imagine their reaction when I tell them that they also get a dedicated page on our website, features in our newsletters and social media promotions.

Oh yeah.. and we also take full responsibility for all of the booking and administration process and – most importantly – we look after your supporters and make sure they have all the information and support they need running up to your event.

You’ve just done it haven’t you? You’ve just asked yourself the ‘Whats the catch’ question in your head?


Fundraising Challenges


You see, I have nearly 20 years experience in the voluntary sector. I have been involved with numerous charities of all sizes as a volunteer, fundraiser, employee, manager and consultant. I know that charities, particularly small charities, do not usually have the budget to invest huge amounts into their fundraising without a guaranteed return on investment and I know that many of you are already pushing your resources to the limit.


Climbing Out Snowdon



According to the Institute of Fundraising more and more people are looking to fundraise for their favourite cause through some sort of event or experience rather than just handing over cash.

The report also shows that while more supporters are looking for ‘experiences’ fewer charities have the resources to be able to spend the time in planning, organising, promoting and running fundraising events.

Wales Air Ambulance Fundraising


Some charities encourage supporters to go off and run their own outdoor event. This leads to inexperienced groups in the mountains without qualified guides to keep them safe and without the vital considerations being put in place to protect the environment and consider the local community.*

With more and more charities being created and struggling to raise the necessary funds events need to be original and inspiring.

With more supporters approaching colleagues, family and friends for sponsorship we need to be doing something that they know is challenging us and pushing us outside our comfort zones.


So that’s where we come in…

I can promise you there is NO catch!

Whether it’s a one off or annual event or a whole fundraising strategy for your charity we have nearly 20 years experience in the voluntary sector and a whole load of crazy (or not so crazy) ideas to share with you!

If you are involved with a charity and would like to talk to us about creating an outdoor challenge for your supporters you can find out more information on our Charities page.


For an example fundraising event have a look at Snowdon Sunrise for Wales Air Ambulance


Wales Air Ambulance Snowdon


*We are committed to protecting the environment and run our events within the guidelines of the IoF and the national parks and representative bodies for outdoor events.

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