Why 2019 needs to be ‘All about you’!

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We spend so much time putting other people first; our partners, our children, our friends, our customers, even the people we pay our bills to… 

This year there seems a lot more emphasis on wellbeing, mental health awareness and ‘mindfulness’ (I’m still getting my head round what this actually means!).

Still we struggle to justify doing anything that doesn’t benefit someone else. Taking time for ourselves seems frivolous and selfish. 

But as I have heard so many times at my Women Working Together networking meetings – you can’t drink from an empty well!

We need to prioritise ourselves, my husband tells me this all the time. The fact is it’s so much easier to say than to do. Is it because we feel selfish? We think we don’t deserve it? We think owe it to others to do certain things for them or just be there for them?

I think it’s too easy to forget, or even ignore that unless we look after our own needs first NOBODY benefits! We end up getting tired and stressed and not really knowing what we are trying to achieve, which is ok because we probably won’t achieve it anyway because we’re too tired and stressed… 

Consequently the people whose needs we think we SHOULD put first don’t get the full benefit of our support, our help or our company.

We have to put ourselves first, do things we enjoy and bloody well be selfish!

setting ourselves a challenge

Setting ourselves a physical challenge is a wonderful way of doing something for ourselves, setting ourselves a goal and seeing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.

Challenges take time to prepare for. This gives us a great reason to take some time out, get outdoors, learn more about the world we live in and the people we share it with. 

You can share that time training with like minded people, or enjoy that time on your own with nobody else to think about except yourself! I love my time walking alone with my own thoughts. It somehow seems to put everything into perspective. Some of my best ideas are also created while I’m out walking. I also love walking with others.

I love listening to the birds and the river and the sounds of the forest where I live in Betws-y-Coed. Very occasionally I’ll listen to an audiobook, Oprah Winfrey ‘What I know for sure’ is one of the most recents ones I’ve enjoyed. You might prefer to listen to music, or enjoy a good piece of fiction! 

I do find though that if I’m not headed towards a challenge, something that I HAVE to train for, I can make too many excuses not to get out and spend that time walking. Having a goal motivates me so I always like to have a challenge to aim for. This year my biggest challenge will be Nijmegen Marches

So, in case you need them, here’s a few more reasons why you need to set yourself a challenge for 2019

Because it’s good for you

Spending time on our own is good for us! Whether that’s sitting quietly with a cuppa, going for a walk or doing any other form of exercise, or taking part in a challenge. It gives us a clarity and understanding of who we are and what we want.

Being outside is good for our mind our body and our soul! It makes us feel ‘grounded’.

I’m not an expert and excuse me for stating the obvious but… Training and keeping fit is good for us! It keeps us moving, our bones healthy and our muscles  and heart strong.

Learning new things is always good for you, whether it’s about yourself, about others, about what’s on our doorstep or about the big wide world.

Because it’s a wonderful journey

The training, the preparation, the excitement before the challenge is just the beginning of your journey.

Meeting new people, seeing new places, isn’t this something we should all aim to do regularly?

The pain, the tears, the laughs, the struggles…

The moment of sheer elation at what you have achieved…

The views!! 

Our ‘strapline’ for Snowdonia Challenge is ‘Are you ready for the journey?’ and we have been really privileged to share that journey with 300 people so far and each has been different. You can read about Maria’s journey here.

Because you’ll never know what you’ll learn about yourself

My favourite saying (and I don’t know if it’s one I heard somewhere or one I made up myself) is

“Only by challenging ourselves do we realise what we are capable of”.

I have learned this, through challenging myself and the things I have learned about myself in the process. 

Those times when you only have your own ‘self talk’ to get you through the tough bits. The times when you are sure you won’t be able to carry on… those are the times when you learn the most about what you are capable of. What your body can achieve with the right mind behind it is AMAZING!! 

And then there are the times when you can barely get yourself through the next mile but you meet up with someone who needs your support… and you smile and support and encourage that person.

Your determination… Your resilience… Your awesomeness… that’s what you’ll learn! 

Because you deserve it!

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